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Brewed Coffee


Cold Brew Coffee



Why Crimson Cup?

Why Crimson Cup Coffee? When developing supply chains for Fresh Start Café & Bakery, we wanted more than just great products. We wanted great partners! And, when it came to coffee, we didn’t have to look farther than right in our own back yard – Columbus, Ohio.

Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea (Crimson Cup) is a 2020 Good Food Award winner, 2019 Golden Bean Champion for Small Franchise/Chain Roaster and Roast magazine’s 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year. Since 1991, Crimson Cup has roasted sustainably sourced craft coffee in small batches and sells coffee through over 350 independent coffee houses, grocers, colleges and universities, restaurants and food service operations across 38 states, Guam, and Bangladesh.

Companies reflect the character of their leaders. Greg Ubert, Founder and President of Crimson Cup, won the Kent Clapp Leadership Award as part of the 2020 Medical Mutual Pillar Awards for Community Service. The Pillar Awards recognize organizations making a difference in their communities through volunteering, charitable giving, pro-bono support and more. “Giving back is a core value at Crimson Cup,” Ubert said. “I’m proud of our commitment to        Coffee+Community at home and abroad.”

As a reflection of its leader’s values, Crimson Cup’s FRIEND2FARMER program travels to meet the farmers and become directly involved in the coffee-growing communities by working hand-in-hand to develop better coffee and a better quality of life for the farmers, their families and their community. Each year, Crimson Cup’s team of cuppers travels over 100,000 miles to enlarge their impact in the coffee-farming world. Deep, ongoing relationships with coffee farmers helps the farmers create a sustainable future for their coffee. Through FRIEND2FARMER, Crimson Cup pays an above-market price for coffee so farmers can invest in their communities. With over 60 relationships, this program has helped to build new homes, paid for teachers and school supplies, funded construction of a community center and distributed water filtration devices, among other projects.

Brewed Coffee

Armando’s Blend
Fresh Start’s house blend. A full-bodied, medium roast with a slightly nutty finish.

Café Au Lait
Armando’s Blend coffee and steamed milk.

Hand-Brewed Coffee
One of our premium coffees as a Pour Over.

Cold Brew Coffee

Brewed at ambient temperature for 24 hours. Since it never contacts heat, cold brew coffee has a crisp, fresh taste with no bitterness typical of traditional iced coffee.

Armando’s Blend
Fresh Start’s House Blend. A full-bodied, medium roast with a slightly nutty finish.

New Orleans
A smoky & rich dark roast blended with chicory, sweetened with pure cane syrup, and topped with creamy half & half.

Slow-Drip Cold Brew Tower
Features a premium coffee brewed slowly, drip by drip.

Nitro Cold Brew
Cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen bubbles to deliver a visually intriguing drink with a rich, creamy texture and natural sweetness. Often compared to a fine milk stout in appearance and mouth feel, nitro cold brew uses a concentrated coffee so it packs a harder caffeine punch.

Japanese-Style Iced Pour Over
A traditional pour over brewed over ice.


Most can be made hot, iced, or frozen.

Fresh Start Mocha
Espresso, white chocolate and steamed milk drizzled with caramel and topped with whipped cream.

Espresso, chocolate, steamed milk, and whipped cream.

White Mocha
Espresso, white chocolate, steamed milk, and whipped cream.

Flavored Latte
Espresso, choice of flavor, and steamed milk.

Red Eye
Armando’s Blend coffee with a single espresso shot.

Double shot of espresso served with side of seltzer water.

Double espresso with equal amount steamed milk.

Double espresso floating on cold milk with a hint of vanilla.

Double espresso and foamed milk topped with cocoa powder.

Espresso and hot water.

Café Latte
Espresso with steamed milk.


Our non-coffee drinks are also made with the same quality. From our selection of organic tea to our all-natural fruit smoothies, we can meet all of your beverage needs beyond coffee.

Chai Latte
Chai tea and steamed milk.

Matcha Latte
Matcha tea and steamed milk.

London Fog
Earl grey lavender tea, vanilla, and steamed milk.

Organic Iced Tea
Available black or green.

Hot Tea
Available black, green, or herbal.


Our non-coffee drinks are also made with the same quality. From our selection of organic tea to our all-natural fruit smoothies, we can meet all of your beverage needs beyond coffee.

All-natural fruit puree with no added flavors or sugars.

Hot Chocolate
Creamy blend of cocoa mix and milk. Can also be served frozen.

Vanilla Steamer
Creamy blend of vanilla and milk. Can also be served frozen.

Available as whole, half & half, skim, oat, or almond. Can also be made chocolate.

Bottled Drinks
Bottled drinks including, water, orange juice, lemonade, crafted soda, and kombucha tea are also available for purchase.